Essential Oil Sprays


Essential Oil Sprays designed with specific uses in mind!

Buy individually or as a 3-pack. Select a variation to learn more about it.

Each bottle contains 50ml.

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Essential Oil Sprays, each designed with a specific use in mind!
Be sure to select a variation to learn more about it.

HOW TO USE: Must be shaken before use every time. Spray across the body, over top of clothes. Can also be applied to a room, but be sure the sprayed area is clear of people and animals until it has settled; and do not allow animals to lick/ingest. Use as often or as little as you wish. If spraying near or above face, be sure to keep your eyes closed and hold your breath until it has settled.

DO NOT INGEST. While rare, some people do have a reaction when applying essential oil products directly to skin. This product is NOT intended to be applied to skin but some customers use it this way – please only do this with caution and at your own discretion/risk.

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Grounding Spray, Protection Spray, Chakra Spray, Self-Care 3-Pack